Attaông chồng on Titung Tribute Game is a 3D action game produced và distributed by Feng Li. The game is based on the popular Japanese anime series known as Attaông chồng on Titung. The main alặng of the game is to play as one of the heroes in the game và complete different missions which revolve around killing different types of titans. The game was initially released in 2013 & is available to lớn play in PC.

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How lớn Download Attaông chồng on Titung Tribute Game

You can tải về the game by following the Download liên kết at the kết thúc of this đánh giá. The game is free to play.

The Game Review

Attaông xã on Tirã Tribute game offers both single-player & multiplayer modes. In the single-player mode, players get khổng lồ choose a specific character after which they are given a mission lớn clear the city by killing numerous titans. Players have the option to lớn choose from a number of characters including:

Mikasa Ackerman,Levi Ackerman,Marco Bott,Jean Kristen,Petra Ral,Eren Jaeger,Sasha Blouse,& Armin Arlert.

Each of these characters has special abilities which the players can use lớn defeat the titans. Mikasa has the ability to directly thrust her swords, killing everything that it touches. Levi can spin in the air, slicing everything that comes within his reach.

Marteo has the power lớn directly attract all nearby titans, forcing them to come towards hyên. Jean’s special is a vertical chop which enables hlặng to save himself from the clutches of any titan.

One of the most popular characters of the game, Eren, has an interesting ability khổng lồ transform inlớn a tirã, giving hyên an extra boost of power và tốc độ for a limited amount of time. Sasha’s chất lượng ability gives her extra speed which is helpful in terms of both offense & defense.

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Lastly, Armin’s ability lớn dance distracts the titans, giving hyên a chance khổng lồ kill them directly by attack the nape. The game does very well khổng lồ emulate the characters from the original anime by linking their characteristics khổng lồ their special abilities in the game.

In the multiplayer mode, the players can either team up or compete against one another on a single bản đồ. The multiplayer mode has the option for players to choose between either the titans or humans.

Once the sides are chosen, a battle takes place between the antagonists & protagonists. The ayên ổn of the antagonists is lớn kill their opponents whereas the players who play the titans are required to lớn grab & kill the antagonist character. The team with the highest points at the ends gets khổng lồ win the battle.

Attaông chồng on Titan Tribute Game is very similar to another game based on the same anime series called Attack on Tichảy Wings of Freedom. Although the Tribute trò chơi has very limited graphics capabilities compared to Wings of Freedom, both the games are built with the same mechanics which involves taking down titans.

Overall, Attaông xã on Tichảy Tribute trò chơi is a very addicting game lớn play at first. However, repetition of the same gameplay & pattern can cause the players to eventually thua kém interest. The ability khổng lồ play as both the Titans và Human characters makes the game fun & competitive sầu to play.