The isDone.dll error in Windows 10 is mostly related khổng lồ the installation of PC games, as well as programs of large kích cỡ. Large games or programs have sầu compressed data, which is unpacked in your hard drive sầu during installation. This eats up your PC’s RAM as well as hard drive. While installation, if your PC’s RAM or Hard Disk doesn’t have sầu sufficient memory khổng lồ handle the process, your PC may through this error.

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The error message that usually associates with isDone.dll error is:

An error occurred when unpacking!unarc.dll returned an error code: -1ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)


Apart from memory issues, the problem might the corrupted DLL files, corrupt system files, RAM with error, hard drive with error, antivirut issues, etc. The problem might also occur if your PC is not compatible with the game’s or software’s requirements.

So, without wasting time, let us look at the methods that can help you fix isDone.dll error on your PC.

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How To Fix isDone.dll error in Windows 10

Before you go about trying the methods khổng lồ get rid of this error, there’s this one điện thoại tư vấn lớn action that you must carry out. Check your PC’s configuration & see if it is compatible with the game or software you are trying to install. Every game or software comes with a minimum PC configuration requirement. You can simply Google the game’s name + system requirements, & you will be able lớn find out the same. In case, your PC’s configuration is less than what is required, then there’s no wondering why you are getting the isDone.dll error.

If your PC meets all the requirements, still you are unable lớn complete the installation & getting isDone.dll error, then you can try out the methods mentioned below. The methods are arranged in the order that worked for users the most.

#1 – Increase Windows Page File or Virtual Memory

Before I tell you about this method, you must know what a Page File is. Windows has a Page File or Virtual Memory, which it uses from the hard disk memory to process data that your PC’s RAM is unable to lớn process completely, or you can say, when the RAM usage is at max, paging tệp tin or virtual memory is put to lớn use. Although this process will slow down the process a bit, it can solve sầu the isDone.dll error problem. Follow these steps khổng lồ increase Windows Page File or Virtual Memory:

Step 1: Press Windows + R buttons on your keyboard to lớn open the Run command box. In the Run box, type sysdm.cpl lớn open System Properties window.


Step 2: In the System Properties window, go to lớn the Advanced tab, then click on the Settings button in the Performance section.


Step 3: In the Performance Options window that opens, go lớn the Advanced tab. Here, cliông chồng on the Change button in the Virtual Memory area.


Step 4: In the following window that opens, make sure that the Automatically manage paging file form size for all drivers option is not selected. After that, select the Custom size radio button. Now, you will be able khổng lồ enter the increased values in the Initial size and the Maximum size fields.


What values to lớn put in Initial size and Maximum size fields?

For most Games 2.5 GB is enough , so The values which will work in most cases is 4003000. (lưu ý that the values are in MB, so this mix the maximum paging file form size lớn the tune of 3 GB)

Note: Both these values need to be put in MB. (1 GB = 1000 MB approximately)

Final Step: After setting the values, press Ok, close all other windows open, then reboot your PC. After the reboot, just bởi one more step.

1. Just Press Windows key + R together.

2. Now, Write %temp% in it & cliông xã OK.


3. Now, Delete all the files present in the folder.


Still getting the Windows 10 isDone.dll error? Try the next method.

#2 Change the thư mục of the thiết lập files and then try again

This is the most easy fix for this. Just copy & paste the setup tệp tin of the program which are you trying khổng lồ install to lớn somewhere else (in any other folder / location in your PC).


Now, try again to install the file from new location.


#3 – Replace isDone.dll và unArc.dll files lớn fix isDone.dll Error

Another way to lớn go about solving this problem is by replacing both the isDone.dll and unArc.dll files. To exexinh đẹp this process, you will need khổng lồ tải về both these dll files và replace the original files with the downloaded ones.

You can simply search on Google khổng lồ tải về both these dll files separately. Or, click on these link to tải về isDone.dll & unArc.dll files.

Once downloaded, you will probably need khổng lồ extract the dll files from the compressed downloaded files. Once you extract them, Copy them & move sầu them lớn the folder where isDone.dll và unArc.dll files are already stored.

Follow these steps to replace the dll files.

Step 1: Copy the extracted isDone.dll tệp tin that you downloaded.


Step 2: Now, go to the C drive, there open the Windows folder, then go to lớn the System32 thư mục. In the System32 folder, paste the copied isDone.dll tệp tin. A dialog box will ask if you want to Replace the original tệp tin, clichồng on Yes.

Step 3: Copy the extracted unArc.dll file & paste it in System32 folder as you did in Step 2.

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Step 4: After successfully replacing both the dll files, repeat Method #4 mentioned above sầu to lớn re-register the newly added dll files using Command Prompt.

When you have sầu re-registered both the dll files, restart your PC & retry the installation. This would probably solve sầu the error for you. If it doesn’t try the next method.

#4 – Run SFC Scan to fix isDone.dll Error

Broken or corrupt system files could also hinder installation of heavy games or software on your PC. This is why it is important khổng lồ make sure that all the Windows system files are is good health. For this, you can run an SFC scan, which will make sure that your Windows system files are ready for the installation. To run an SFC scan, follow these steps:

Step 1: Search cmd in windows 10 tìm kiếm box. Right cliông xã và choose run as administrator.


Step 2: The Command Prompt window will open. Here, type the following commvà và hit the Enter key on your keyboard:

sfc /scannowThe SFC scan will take some time khổng lồ complete. Do not interrupt the scan và wait till it complete. After the scan, restart your computer.

After the restart, try khổng lồ install the game or the software and see if it returned the isDone.dll error. If the install was successful, then run a DISM scan.

It is possible that the SFC scan was not able to lớn completely fix some corrupt system files. For this, you will need to lớn run a DISM (Deployment Image & Servicing Management Scan). A DISM scan can repair corrupt system files that didn’t let SFC scan fix the files completely.

For a DISM scan, open Comm& Prompt in Admin mode, as mentioned above. After that, enter the following comm& in Comm& Prompt:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealthLet the DISM scan complete. After the scan is done, again run an SFC scan by following the steps mentioned above sầu.

Now, restart your PC after the SFC scan is over. Then, try to lớn install the game or software và you will most probably be able lớn fix the isDone.dll error. If not, go khổng lồ the next method.

#5 – Install Game in Safe Mode

Booting PC in Safe Mode ensures that no other programs or processes are running than the essential ones, that are required to run just the Windows operating system. Doing so will make sure that only bare minimum of RAM is being used. In such an environment, installing the game or software would ensure that maximum RAM is available for installation, và thus the fewer chances of isDone.dll error to occur.

To start your PC in Safe Mode, shut down your PC. Now start it again, and as soon as you see the startup screen, begin pressing the F8 key continuously with a gap of about 1 second. You will get a screen with the option khổng lồ start PC in Safe Mode.

After starting PC in Safe Mode, try lớn install the game or software. If Safe Mode doesn’t work, you can also try to lớn start PC in Safe Mode with Networking. Option to boot PC in Safe Mode with Networking comes up along with the Safe Mode option.

#6 – Re-register isDone.dll và unArc.dll files

It might be the case that the isDone.dll & unArc.dll files need to be re-registered on your system. Re-registering dll files could help your case to solve the isDone.dll error. It is a fairly simple process and can be carried out in a couple of steps. Here’s how khổng lồ reregister these dll files:

Step 1: Here, you will need to lớn run the Commvà Prompt in Admin mode. For this, press the Windows + X keys together. From the Win + X thực đơn that opens, click on the Commvà Prompt (Admin) option.

Step 2: In the Commvà Prompt window that opens, type the comm& mentioned below & press Enter key to lớn re-register isDone.dll tệp tin.

regsvr32 isdone.dllStep 3: After re-registering the above sầu dll, type this next command mentioned below và press Enter lớn re-register unArc.dll tệp tin.

regsvr32 unarc.dllAfter running both the above sầu commands, restart your PC, then try to install the game or software again. If this method didn’t help with the Windows 10 isDone.dll error, try the next method.

#7 – Chechồng RAM for Error

Many users have also reported that if there is an error or a bad sector in your PC’s RAM, it would stop a large game or software khổng lồ install, and would show isDone.dll error. So, if nothing works, it is important for you khổng lồ kiểm tra if your RAM is all okay.

Testing RAM for errors is a good practice khổng lồ follow anyway, in case you have sầu been using your PC for quite a while. An error in RAM can cause various other troubles over time. This may compromise your PC’s overall health too. To test your PC for RAM related errors, you can use the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, but users recommover using third party tools for this purpose. Why? because Windows Memory Diagnostics doesn’t really provide all the vital information that’s required khổng lồ decide whether your RAM is faulty or not.

Third-tiệc ngọt software like Memtestmemtest86 can help you resolve sầu if your RAM is faulty or not. To run both these software, you will need to lớn load them on a bootable flash drive sầu. After that, you will need lớn restart your PC, và load these software from boot options.

Click here khổng lồ know how lớn create a Bootable USB flash drive using a software named Rufus. Here’s a complete guide to lớn check your RAM for error using Memtest.

If your RAM shows any error, it is recommended that you replace your RAM soon, because it may lead khổng lồ other troubles as well on your PC.

Try installing the game or software after replacing a faulty RAM. In case, your RAM is all okay, you should kiểm tra your hard disk for errors next.

Note: If you a noob at computers, get someone who has a good knowledge of computers & can help you out with this.

#7 – Check Hard Disk for Error khổng lồ fix isDone.dll error

Checking your hard disk for errors & fixing those errors is comparatively very easy than checking RAM for errors.

Just like RAM errors, hard drive sầu errors may be the reason you are getting isDone.dll error in Windows 10 while installing large games or software. To scan & fix hard drive sầu errors, follow these steps: