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November 24, 2021 (1 week ago)
Blade & Soul 2

Android 7.0Network required

NCSoft, a Korean game development company, has released Blade & Soul 2 APK, part 2 of the globally popular MMORPG. Immediately after the official announcement from the publisher, it attracted millions of people to pre-register. Let’s find out with gamedanhnhau.org why this game is so hot!

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Introduce about Blade và Soul 2

Introduce about Blade & Soul 2

Is Blade và Soul 2 worth playing?

Following the success after the launch of Blade & Soul, NCSoft has announced the project for part 2 from 2018 including Clip game và gameplay trailer. But now, Blade & Soul has disappointed players quite a lot when the game released a lot of new features & caused the mechanism lớn change khổng lồ “pay to win”.

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Of course, every bạn understands that the developer needs funds lớn maintain và develop, but really the power of the non-paying players và paying players is too much difference. When the non-paying player approaches the threshold of strength, the system updates with new features & extends that distance. Even, some items lượt thích Amber gems, non-paying players can’t get it.


For players familiar with Blade & Soul, after choosing a character class, you will be able lớn change the appearance & name of your character. Especially with games with beautiful graphics, players feel even more excited. Therefore, lớn complete these 2 steps, players can take hours lớn choose the appearance và name they like.


Blade và Soul 2 has a different gameplay from part 1, which is something that gamers did not expect. Instead of continuing to develop the old gameplay, NCSoft decided khổng lồ create a whole new gameplay. The character’s moves are simplified khổng lồ reduce the difficulty và easy lớn manipulate. At the same time, they reduced their dodging skills & focused more on combat mechanics.

But that doesn’t mean the game will be extremely easy, you need to lớn focus and dodge the boss’s attacks and skills. Then, unleash moves or combine skills at the same time to maximize damage and take down opponents quickly. In addition, the developer also added an tự động system to lớn the game so that new players can easily get used to it.

Enhance character’s strength

As a game of the MMORPG genre, the màn chơi system, equipment… is indispensable. When you first join the game, you need lớn complete missions & level up as quickly as possible to lớn open up new features lớn help you become stronger. Regarding the equipment system at the beginning, you can completely forge specialized equipment for your character yourself. All materials can be obtained from main & side quests.

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Guild System

You can create a clan yourself or join with others khổng lồ grow together. Sometimes there will be guild-specific quests, khổng lồ bring all players cthua together. In addition, the game also has many other guild activities with many attractive sầu gifts.


This can be said lớn be the most outstanding feature & makes the name of the game Blade & Soul 2. In the dungeon, you will have sầu lớn confront super difficult Bosses, requiring you lớn make continuous efforts for hours & must have sầu good personal skills to be able khổng lồ pass. If Dark Souls is one of the hardest games on PC, BnS is an extremely difficult game on the di động platsize.


Blade & Soul 2 has a remarkable improvement in graphics when the developer has used Unreal Engine 4 technology. With this công nghệ, the animation of characters and skills will be extremely beautiful, not to mention the epic context. This is the result after 3 years of development, NCSoft is lớn create a Korean blockbuster with AAA-class graphics.


What languages does the game support?

It will be a bit difficult for international players because NCSoft has no plans khổng lồ launch the Global version but only the KR version. The whole game is in Korean, so you will have sầu a hard time getting khổng lồ the game when you don’t understvà what the game is trying to lớn say. However, there are still some groups of players ready khổng lồ guide, khung groups & help you gradually get used lớn the game until language is no longer a barrier.

What’s the difference between 12+ & 19+ versions?

The developer released 2 different versions, BnS Korea 12+ và 19+. Basically, these two versions are identical, only the 12+ version is different, you cannot trade, buy và sell on the market.

Tích Is Blade và Soul 2 cross-platform?

With MMORPG games often consuming a lot of time khổng lồ play, so the developer has released both PC và mobile. That is, your tài khoản can play both on PC and phones. However, on PC, you need khổng lồ download NCSoft’s Purple emulator lớn run the game and register for a PlayNC tài khoản. With this convenience, you will be able to play anytime you want, no longer worrying about the restriction due lớn the phone battery running out.

Download Blade và Soul 2 APK for Android

With the outstanding features và graphics of Blade & Soul 2, you must have sầu your own answer. This game shows that NCSoft has received a lot of experience from its 10-year-old game. That has brought us a super Korea MMORPG. Download & experience this game now!