This game is very fun to play, especially when I saw my favorite cartoon characters fighting with one another. But the most I like playing this game is when I"m using one of my beloved characters in this game who is no other than Son Gohan. It was so much fun playing his character, by using all his incredible skills in the battle is one of a kind.M.U.G.E.N Edition is only a 2D graphic game that was made by some người of DBZ. The game features some of the powerful & famous characters from the original T.V.

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Series Dragon Ball Z up lớn GT series, using their mixed martial arts & quality skills.Even if this game is only in 2 chiều graphics, it is still one of the best DBZ fan made game for me because it has a very simple graphics & well-made sprites in particularly with the outfit of all the characters in this game. I am a Dragon Ball Z fan & I really love sầu this game because in this game, I can play my favorite Dragon Ball Z characters from its original series up khổng lồ the lachạy thử characters from the GT series.This game does not have a god unique graphic but still, it has a very detailed sprite when it comes with all the characters in this game. This game is only a fan-made game, so you can expect some bugs và issues. If you see some bugs while playing, you can report it in their forums to lớn fix those bugs. When it comes to lớn the soundtrachồng of this game, the background sound is more lượt thích an arcade game which is perfect to lớn the game.This game has more than trăng tròn different characters lớn choose from like Son Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks and so much more.

The specialty of every character in this game is very detailed và continuously improving because of fans that never stop supporting this game. For Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts out there, try this 2 chiều game that surely you will enjoy. DBZ MUGEN Edition 2 is a game released on 16-bit systems with enhanced gameplay and a collection of DBZ characters khổng lồ choose from.


You can play with Goku in his super Saiyan khung, Vegeta, Majin Buu, Cell and DBZ other well-known characters.I like that this game offers different game modes such as Arcade, VS mode, Team VS, Team Arcade, Team Co-op & Training mode. It makes this game more lively and entertaining. Moreover, I am impressed with its sound. It has good background music with some pleasing retro punch and kichồng effects.All in all, DBZ MUGEN Edition 2 is an awesome game considering it is only around 30 MB files. If you are tired of playing high-end fighting games, why don’t you try this simple yet very amusing game? I am confident that you will admire this one especially if you are a real DBZ fanatic.

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Content.Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition -or DBZ MUGEN Edition- is a free where you can play as any Dragon Ball character from the original series, up to lớn the lachạy thử installments from GT.MUGEN series is a freeware publication made available to lớn download by fans, to lớn fans of these kinds of games. Any user can collaborate with the project; creating new characters, designs & movements to incorporate them into the game. Bring your người art to lớn life và make them fight with well-known characters.CharactersThis title has tons of characters khổng lồ play. Each edition increases the rooster with new incorporations. Among muốn classics like Goku or Krillin there are characters from the OVAs lượt thích Janembố or Hildegarn.There are more than 20 different characters lớn choose from, và all the techniques and movements are very detailed và constantly improved due lớn the great tín đồ community supporting the game.Technical aspectsSince it is a fan-made game, there are not astonishing graphics or effects, but it really counts with very detailed sprites. If players find issues lớn fix, they usually make a bình luận in the forum for a quichồng fix.The music is different lớn the series, as it is more in the style of Arcade games, but it works perfectly for this game.Other similar gamesThere are several games of Dragon Ball available for every operating system.

An alternative game would be lớn fight your opponents instantly over the Internet. In order lớn keep battling with more superheroes is a good option with a great diversity of characters.

Cell ImperfectoVersion Deluxe cộ 1.6Sprites: Chrono Strife + CustomsOriginal Relased: Deluxe cộ Relased: Programacion: SawwensirijilloVersion: 1.6 (Deluxe)Comentarios: La base de la version deluxe pháo es principalmente la 1.5 bé sprites y fx mejorados, bugs arreglados y algunas cosas nuevas. Broli by The Necromancer/FlowagirlIf the author has problems tell meComentarios: El Mejor Broly de toda la historia de Mugen, practicamente invencible, un puro quái thú, todos los creditos para Necromancer, aqui solo lo he subivì para su difusion.Vegeta Gt SSJ2 by Ippo y LeeHost Authorized by LordLeeComentarios: Este Vegeta fue heđến en su momenlớn por Ippo (programacion) y Lee (Sprites) para el projeckhổng lồ Sagas (igual que ngươi Crilin).

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Es un gran Char bé muchos movimientos y ataques, totalmente recomendable.Androide trăng tròn By RedneckHost Authorized by RedneckComentarios: Otro gran Char de Rednechồng, muchos movimientos y supers, completamente jugable, todos los creditos son para Rednechồng, aqui solo lo he subido para su difusion.