Hey guys! I’m back with an action-packed adventure game called Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2! Here is an Highly Compressed PPSSPPhường CSO. You can playFairy Tail Portable Guild 2 PSPit on your Android/iOS device via PPSSPPhường – A PSP.. Emulator.

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Original Size: 980MBCompressed Size: 400MB

Description:Fairy Tail - Portable Guild 2

Many characters up lớn the Battle of Fairy Tail arc are available as support characters. In the game you can only play as the created avatar và are unable khổng lồ play as characters from the series, instead rendering them as support characters.
There is a total of 126 quests including five sầu bonus missions that can be unlocked by entering the password, & can vary by the game’s difficulty based on the rank of the quests from C, B, & A-Class quests. S-Class missions are one of the hardest levels, và on the other hand, SS-Class quests are the game’s hardest stages, in which the player must have sầu the strongest character stats khổng lồ clear the quests. The game’s strongest boss is Igneel.

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Up to lớn four players can team up and tóm tắt the power of Nakama & fulfill guild requests. Part of the game’s strategy is picking the right team. The difference from the first game is that in this sequel, you can create your own character. The game allows you to choose gender, hair, eyes, facial appearance và much more. It also allows you to buy different clothes for your character. Players can create parties with a large number of Fairy Tail members. Players can equip partner cards in order khổng lồ build character stats.YOU MAY LIKE: Lego Harry Potter : Years 5-7 Highly Compressed PPSSPPhường <300MB X 3 Parts>


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Name:-Fairy Tail - Portable Guild 2Genre:- kích hoạt, AdventureDeveloper: KonamiPlatform:- PPSSPP, PSPFile Type:- .isoFile Size:- 400MBRECENT POST: James Cameron"s Avatar - TheGameHighly Compressed

How lớn install Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2 in Android

3. Install PPSSPP.. & xuất hiện it. It’ll look lượt thích a tệp tin manager go where you extracted the file và select it.
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