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May 19, 2015 Red Alert 2 Free Download Full trò chơi. Red Alert 2 Free Download is a 2.5 D based strategy game developed by Westwood Pacific estate & Published by EA Games on October 23, 2000.This is basically made for the Microsoft Windows platsize & easily downloaded from the mạng internet. In Command và Conquer: Red Alert 2 Free Download, the Soviet Union invades the USA following a regime change. This game features the famous Soviet mind-controller Yuri.

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Get Red Alert 2 download miễn phí game for PC. Red Alert 2 has two main chất lượng stories point.


Both the chiến dịch Allied & Soviet start after the Comm& & Conquer red alert event. Alexander Romanov was installed the leader of Allied campaign before the USSR invaded the USA, The chiến dịch soviets were considered hlặng self to be a piece from the Allied Force.The Red Alert 2 is single player game but you can play as a multiplayer via LAN. In command và conquer the player himself let choose which side lead to victory. The Soviet campaign is non-canonical because the red alert 3 event were contradicts with it & destroy the canonical ultimately from the Red Alert series.

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On the other side Allied campaign considered canonical as it forms the basic event in the red alert 2. Each chiến dịch has 12 mission. Skirmish mode is also include in this game in which the player may fight with the computer controlled opponents. Red Alert 2 also tư vấn the online playing which allow the user for mod/type of game such as tournament,public,private & also a live chat system.Comm& & Conquer Red Alert 2 System Requirement Pc Game. Processor: Hãng sản xuất Intel 500 MHz Low System Requirement. Operating System: Window 7, Window XP.. and Window 8 or 8.1 ( Window 10 Not Tested Yet ).

Ram: 512 MB. Graphic thẻ memory: 32 MB.

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Hard Disk Space: 500 MB freeRed Alert 2 Download Full FreeGet Red alert 2 không tính phí download full window cài đặt and working pc game. With direct link và small kích cỡ.Direct Compressed Setupsociallocker id=”1254″ /sociallocker.