Want khổng lồ write your games for Windows Phone 7? Take a look at my new book: Windows Phone 7 Game Development!
Apress, 415 pagesRelease date: April 2010ISBN: 1430229284ISBN13: 9781430229285

Windows mobile Game Development

Windows thiết bị di động trò chơi Development will tell you everything you need khổng lồ know to lớn write your own games, using the powerful Microsoft Visual Studio developmentenvironment and either C# or VB.NET.

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In Windows thiết bị di động trò chơi Development I give you everything you need to lớn allowyourself to maximize your own creativity & bring both yourself and the worldsome fantastic mobile gaming opportunities. Just think about how a gamingdevice is always in your pocket, as a phone always is... it"s too good an opportunityto lớn miss, so I"ll show you how to create the games you want khổng lồ make.

I"ll guide you from your first Windows sản phẩm điện thoại development steps, rightthrough to you working with advanced graphics techniques involving theOpenGL ES graphics library. Along the way we"ll cover everything you"ll need toget the best from your games, including:

input đầu vào & game control mechanismsflexible methods for controlling on-screen objects within your gameconsistent timing lớn ensure that your game runs at the tốc độ you wantmusic and sound effects

There are some key differences between the Windows Mobile devices yourgaming audience are using, so in Windows Mobile trò chơi Development I"ll showyou how to overcome compatibility issues so your games can be available lớn asmany players as possible on their devices.Along the way I"ll nói qua with you my passion for gaming on sản phẩm điện thoại devices,và I"ll show you how huge the possibilities are for you to create games on themove sầu.

The book contains dozens of working examples demonstrating all of the topicsand techniques covered by the book, and includes the source code for mygame GemDrops includingall of the steps needed to design and program the game.

You will need lớn have sầu a working knowledge of C# or VB.NET, Visual Studio 2008Professional or Visual Studio 2005 Standard, & ideallyaccess to lớn a Windows điện thoại device to lớn test out your programs (though thedevelopment emulators that are supplied with Visual Studio will be sufficientfor much of your development if no device is available).

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You can buy Windows Smartphone Game Development from the following web sites:

Computer Manuals

Also available as an ebook for immediate download from the Apress web site.

Key features:

Develop using Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008.
Get started with Windows thiết bị di động development, from setting up the IDE to lớn debugging techniques.

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Learn to target the widest possible range of devices, from Windows thiết bị di động 2003 up to Windows thiết bị di động 6.5.
Discover the secrets to developing for touch screen & smart phone devices in a single application.
Ensure consistent timing across all devices while maximising the performance of your game as much as possible.
Find out the best ways to lớn control your games, including using touch screens, keyboards and accelerometers.
Produce high quality music & sound effects from your games.
Learn the best techniques for 2D gaming using GDI and OpenGL ES, as well as taking your ideas to the next dimension with OpenGL ES"s powerful 3 chiều capabilities.
Masses of example code và working projects, including a complete game, "GemDrops".
All you need lớn release your games to the world for fun or lớn sell.