This 3d dragon ball z tribute looks next level

It's not out yet, but a mix of teasers from the upcoming DBZ Tribute (not khổng lồ be confused with the recent Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F) are looking slick as hell. Conceived và executed by a team of game designers and creatives, the characters so far look like a Pixar character's dream—or nightmare in the case of the appropriately menacing Majin Buu. We also see Goku goofing around and prepping to lớn kichồng some three-dimensional ass, and there are some really sweet concept illustrations available on their trang web.

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The project is spearheaded by director and lead animator Javier Zumaeta, who has experience developing character animations for games lượt thích Playstation All Stars. The team putting together DBZ Tribute is full of young creatives from all over the world, working together over the internet. "We started this project because Dragon Ball Z has been hugely influential in our lives," Zumaeta tells The Creators Project. "We just want lớn pay tribute to lớn the inspirational và up-lifting work of Akira Toriyama." The creative sầu team is currently wrapping up the character designs you see below, & will begin the actual animation process shortly.

Like the live action Akira Project, the Star Wars anime tribute, & other bạn films, DBZ Tribute is a rich opportunity for modern creatives lớn reflect on what they learned from being raised by TV.

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The full team includes Javier Zumaeta, Bruno Camara, Danilo Athayde, David Mouralớn, Thomas Lalande, Moize Opel, and Marcus Hedges. Learn more on the DBZ Tribute website và on Twitter.

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