Farm heroes super saga tips guide

Read the Farm Heroes Super Saga Tips Guide và be a PRO at this game! The game from KING is called Farm Heroes Super Saga and it’s amazing! We put together the best tips and tricks guide for Farm Heroes Super Saga. Read the information below here và make yourself proud playing this awesome game. Read all about the new boosters and the new cấp độ modes in Farm Heroes Super Saga. Good luck!

Rancid is easier khổng lồ beat if you remove the cans quickly. The fruits that will become available give sầu you extra possibilities lớn make good combinations!

When you did not defeat Rancid in a cấp độ, don’t worry. Rancid will come baông chồng if you vì not beat hyên. It is not so bad if you can not beat hyên ổn. You still get your chance in another cấp độ.

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You should remove sầu flowers and ice first in Farm Heroes Super Saga. These obstacles, which have sầu lớn be hit several times, can be pretty annoying because they are blocking your moves. Remove sầu the obstacles và make place for big combinations.

Matching 4 crops in a square will create a Super Cropsie! A super cropsie gives you a 2+ bonus on the goal you’ve to lớn complete in the level you’re playing.


Farm Heroes Super Saga has some new màn chơi modes. They’re pretty awesome. With every level mode we provided a good tip to lớn finish the levels faster.

The quái nhân Mode

A Farm Heroes Super Saga new feature is the trùm mode! The famous character Rancid shows up on random moments during levels. He is throwing rubbish into the playing field. This makes is a lot harder lớn finish the màn chơi. You can fight Rancid making combinations next lớn the waste he threw into lớn the field. The garbage will be thrown baông chồng to lớn hyên. After a few hits he will be taken out.

Tip for the trùm cuối game mode:

Make the garbage your first priority lớn get rid of. After a while there is not enough space left to lớn make good combinations. Try lớn get rid of Rancid & then finish the màn chơi.

Collection Mode in Farm Heroes Super Saga:

The collection mode is most famous one. It’s a well known game mode from the previous KING games. Collect the right amount of cropsies, the objectives are shown on the top of the screen.

Tip for the Collection Mode:

Try to lớn use the super cropsies as much as possible in the collection mode. You’ll reach the objectives much faster. Go for the cropsies with the little numbers next to lớn them.

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Flower Mode in Farm Heroes Super Saga:

Wake up the sleeping flowers in the level. Make good combinations (the bigger the better) next khổng lồ the sleeping flowers & slowly they’ll wake up.

Tip for the Flower Mode:

Try khổng lồ make combinations in the playing field who hit multiple sleeping flowers in one move.

Hay Mode in Farm Heroes Super Saga:

Try lớn make the goat run và getting rid of the croppies. This mode is pretty nice. Make combinations in a horizontal of vertical line with the goat. The goat complete one row in the màn chơi.

Tip for the Hay Mode:

The special goat move! Make many moves next khổng lồ goat and reduce the goat counter to lớn zero. When the counter reaches zero the goat will make a special move sầu. He jumps to the nearest Hay spot.

Nut Mode in Farm Heroes Super Saga:

In the Nut Mode you’ve sầu to lớn make combinations bringing the nuts next to the squirrel. When the nut is next khổng lồ the squirrel it will automatically collect it.

Tip for the Nut Mode:

Just like the goat the squirrel also has a special counter. Make combinations next to the squirrel và the counter will reach zero. Now the squirrel is able khổng lồ collect all nuts in a range of 2 spaces.

Wind Mode in Farm Heroes Super Saga:

The Wind Mode is a new game mode in Farm Heroes Super Saga. The refilling of the cropsies will follow the swipe you’ve made in the last combination.

Tip for the Wind Mode:

Keep in mind the way you make your combinations. When you need lớn collect something on the bottom of the field, try khổng lồ swipe vertically.