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Konamày has just released the test of its lakiểm tra football iteration, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Although, the demo seems plausible, but if you can’t get your controls right, you won’t be able to lớn have sầu the complete feel of the game.

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Those who have sầu been following the PES series for some while won’t have any difficulty in setting up the controls but for the new comers, the following guide will serve sầu the purpose khổng lồ show the controls configuration in PES 13.

How To Customize PES 2013 Keyboard Controls

Step 1In the PES 13 thử nghiệm thư mục, there will be a settings file. Open it.

Step 2Now, in the keyboard setting menu, you will be able to lớn assign keys in the respective slots. For instance, i have my keyboard controls phối lượt thích it:


Step 3If you don’t know that what button does which functionality then you can use the following key (i am using my controls as reference, you can change according to lớn your own wish):

PES 2013 – Basic Controls

PES 2013 Controller Vs. Keyboard ControlsY = Through Ball (Bring out Goal Keeper)X = Shoot (Pressure applied by non-controlled players)A = Short Pass (Tackle)B = Lob Pass (Sliding Tackle)RB = SprintLB = Cursor Change (Player Makes a Run)RT = Special Skills (Dribbling)LT = Fineese Shot (Directed Pass)

You can also use the above sầu key to lớn mix buttons on your controller. The analogue stick, however, will be used for 360 dribbling which one can’t vày on a keyboard. These were the basic controls.

In the screenshot above, the control setting is almost the same as classic controls used in FIFA. It’s better that you use the same controls in both the games so that your game does not get disturbed by different key configuration.

Now, if you are looking for full control functionality, you can refer to lớn the following key:

PES 2013 – Full Controls

Manual Passing

Short Pass: LT + AManual Long Pass: LT + BLofted Short Pass: Hold RT + B

Manual Shooting

Manual Shot: LT + XManual Shot Low: LT + YNutmeg Shot: Hold RT when an enemy is cđại bại by and then X + L Stiông xã towards the direction.

Deft cảm biến Dribbling

Deft cảm biến Dribble: RT + L StickDeft cảm ứng và Turn: Deft Touch Dribble + L StickDouble Touch: R Stichồng (down) then L Stiông chồng (right) twice.

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Dynamic One Two

LB + A then L Stick towards the direction.

Dynamic First Touch

Perfect Trap: RT when the player is trapping the ball.Flick: Press R Stiông chồng as the player is trapping the ball.Sombrero: Flick + L Stick towards the opponent

Response Defending

Tackle: When Cthua to lớn an opponent, press A twice i.e x 2.Hold up Play: Hold when the opposition is in possession. L stiông chồng can be used khổng lồ adjust the distance.Defensive sầu Tracking: When the opposition is in possession, press RT + L Stiông xã.

If you have go any question, giới thiệu with us in the comments below.


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